The Tech Industry’s War on Kids

My article, “The Tech Industry’s War on Kids,” reveals a dark secret: psychology—a discipline that we associate with healing—is now used as a weapon against children.

Unbeknownst to but a few, tech makers use powerful psychological manipulation tools to pull kids away from the real world to instead live their lives on phones, social media, and video games. The results are tragic for this generation of children and teens.

I’m hopeful that this commentary will initiate important changes to help our kids. Please consider sharing it with your networks.

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  1. Barbara Brock says:

    Wonderful work, Richard. I was at the Childhood Screentime conference in Boston with you and saw how profoundly this work affects you. THANK YOU for taking this issue so seriously and sharing it with the world. I am using parts of your article for a session I am doing on Digital Detoxing at the Washington State Seniors Conference this week. Keep up the amazing work. BARB BROCK

    • Richard Freed says:


      It was great to meet you as well. And thank you for the comment, I spend a lot of time trying to make sense of all this, and it really helps to get feedback such as yours. Good luck with the conference.


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